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Public Health Minor

Requirements for the Public Health Minor

Public Health is “the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals.” The Public Health minor provides students the opportunity to complement their major with a solid introduction to the field of Public Health. This minor is appropriate for students from all majors at the College, but especially those considering careers or further study in the health related professions, such as medicine, nursing, community or global public health, public health policy, health management, social work, clinical psychology, biostatistics, health communication, medical journalism, and other fields.

The Public Health minor is a rigorous minor of five courses plus one co-requisite course in statistics or research methods. Students must complete PHB/ANT 240 and one of the two other courses from the minor core (PBH/ANT/SOC 372 or PBH/ANT/SOC 373), three minor electives, including at least one from the natural sciences (ANT 205, BIO 185, BIO 352, BIO 444, PHB/NUR 220, NUR 440) and at least one from the social and behavioral sciences or philosophy (ANT 371, COM 345, COM 403, ECO 320, HIS 455, NUR 300, PHL 255, PSY 212, PSY 340, SOC 345) or the Public Health Capstone (PBH 405). Students must also complete a co-requisite statistics or research methods course (PBH 401, COM 390, ECO 231, NUR 328, PSY 203, SOC 302, STA 215).