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Public Health Minor

The Public Health minor provides students the opportunity to complement their major with a solid introduction to the field of public health. This minor is appropriate for students from all other majors at TCNJ, but especially those considering careers or further study in health-related professions such as medicine, nursing, community or global public health, public health policy, health management, social work, clinical psychology, biostatistics, health communications, medical journalism, medical anthropology, and other fields. Students should declare the minor as early as possible to make sure to follow courses that count towards a public health minor. Only one class can double count between a major and a minor.


Public Health Minor Core Requirements (4 course units)

  • Introduction to Epidemiology (PBH 240), prerequisite of STA 115 or STA 215.
  • A Global Health Course from the following: PBH 375 Population Approaches to World Health, PBH 301 Perspectives in Global Public Health.
  • A Policy Course from the following: PBH 376 Health Systems, Administration and Policy, PBH/NUR 300 Contemporary Legal Challenges in Healthcare and PBH 310 Foundations of Public Health Leadership.
  • A Health Education Course: PBH 350 Health Education.

***Note that some graduate-level courses can be counted for Global Health (PBHG 572, PBHG 675), Policy (PBHG 521), and/or Communication courses (PBHG 650)

Public Health Options (1 course unit)

  • COM 292: Health Communication (1 unit)
  • COM 293: Health & Risk Communication: A Social Marketing Approach (1 unit)
  • COM 330: Sexual Communication: Identities, Relationships, and Health (1 unit)
  • COM 335: Interpersonal Health Communications (1 unit)
  • COM 342: Lifespan Communication (1 unit)
  • COM 345: New Media and Health Communication (1 unit)
  • COM 415: International Health Communication (1 unit)
  • COM 460: Global Health, Communication and Social Change (1 unit)
  • ECO 320: Health Economics (1 unit)
  • PBH 170: Culture and Health care in Britain & US: Which comes first? (1 unit)
  • PBH 209: Reproductive Justice: Transnational Perspectives (1 unit)
  • PBH 210: Women and Health – Power, Politics, and Change (1 unit)
  • PBH 235: Gender and Violence (1 unit)
  • PBH/NUR 220: Wellness Promotion Across the Lifespan (1 unit)
  • PBH 255: Social Inequalities in a Developing Context (Brazil Trip) (1 unit)
  • PBH 310: Foundations of Public Health Leadership (1 unit)
  • PBH 351: Stress Management (1 unit)
  • PBH 383: Foundations in Community Birthwork: The Doula Method (1 unit)
  • PBH 389 Epidemiology and Aging (1 unit)
  • PBH 430: Foundation Grant Writing for Public Health (1 unit)
  • PSY 340: Health Psychology (1 unit)
  • Alternatively, another relevant course or a PBHG graduate level course may be approved by request to the Public Health department chair, preferably prior to course enrollment

NOTE: According to TCNJ policy, students may double-count one course from a minor into a major or interdisciplinary concentration. 

Declaration of Public Health Minor

Students may declare the minor with approval from the Chair of Public Health and submit a completed Application for Minor Course of Study form, which may be downloaded from the Records and Registration website. Once the Chair signs, the form must be submitted to Records and Registration. Note: Students must submit the Application for Minor Course of Study form at least one semester before graduation.

Students must satisfy the minor requirements according to the Bulletin in effect at the time of their formal declaration. Minors must be officially declared before the deadline for applying to graduate in a given term. Minors not completed at the time of graduation will be dropped from the student’s record. Students are encouraged to declare intended minors as soon as possible, as some classes are restricted to majors and minors.

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