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Public Health Department presents in APHA 2021

APHA 2021 Logo next to a glass building with a blue bear.


Congratulations to all Public Health faculty and Students

who will present in American Public Health Association (APHA)

2021 annual Conference.

Date Time Presenter Co-authors Presentation title, link with co-authors
10/21/2021 11:30am-1pm Sreelekha Prakash Brenda Seals, PhD, Messaging for COVID: Addressing vaccine hesitancy in minority populations
10/21/2021 1-2:30pm Ananya Iyer Eliza Chen Evaluation of stress and academic pressure in Asian American college students: A qualitative study
10/21/2021 5:30-7pm Alessandra D’Ugo Abigail Lewis, Nathalie Von Klaveren, Theresa Soya, MPH, Brenda Seals, PHD “it’s kind of like a comfort thing at this point”: The social aspect of e-cigarettes and dependence among college students
10/21/2021 5:30-7pm Carolina Borges, PhD John Pollock, PhD, Miranda Crowley, Radhika Purandare, James Sparano, Kristine Spike Social capital or vulnerability: Which has the stronger connection with selected u.s. health outcomes?
10/22/2021 12-1:30pm Isabella Ciccone, MPH Candidate Abigail Parker, Marina de Souza, PhD, Carolina Borges, PhD Prevalence of asthma according to wildfires in California, USA: A cross-sectional secondary data study
10/22/2021 3-4:30pm Maria LaQuaglia, MPH Candidate Marina de Souza, PhD, Carolina Borges, PhD Risk of alzheimer’s disease in minority populations in the United States: An ecological exploratory study
10/25/2021 1:15-1:30pm Sylvia Twersky, PhD Samantha Bialoblocki, MPH candidate Medicaid expansion linked to covid-19 state vaccination rates
10/26/2021 10:30-10:45am Dana Murphy, MPH Candidate Impacts of the 2017 #metoo movement on sexual harassment of women at work: A pre- and post- movement analysis
10/26/2021 1-1:15pm Brenda Seals, PhD Livia Lazzaro Public health interns to the rescue: Supporting departments of health and community based organizations in COVID response
10/26/2021 1-1:15pm Alexis Marta,MSPH Brenda Seals, PhD, Carolina Borges, PhD, Kaitlin Davis Dance in the era of remote learning: COVID, physical activity and mental health
10/26/2021 2:30-3:45pm Abigail Parker, MPH Candidate Brenda Seals, PhD, Holly Heller, MSN, RN, APN Roscoe to the rescue! a health education response to college COVID
10/26/2021 2:30-3:45pm Natasha Patterson, PhD Ethan Moss, Michaela Sless The COVID-19 vaccine distribution in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York and its implications for the aging and marginalized populations
10/27/2021 10:30-10:45am Meghna Krishnamurthy Carolina Borges, PhD, Ana Cristina Viana Campos, PhD Are we getting any better? a critical analysis of selected healthy people 2020 oral health indicators, 1999-2004 and 2013-2014 USA
10/27/2021 10:45-11am Salomine Ekambi Natasha Patterson, PhD The impact of policy on black maternal mortality: Increasing knowledge and improving attitudes about douala support
10/27/2021 12:30-1:45pm Livia Lazzaro, MS, MPH Candidate Gabrielle Benyon, MPH candidate, Carolina Borges, PhD, Marina de Souza, PhD COVID-19’s impact on New Jersey psychiatric hospital admissions: A cross-sectional ecological approach
10/27/2021 2:45-3pm Ethan Moss Carolina Borges, PhD, Jessica Fleischman, MPH, Fwendolyn Krol, Jeffery Grosser, MHS Public health 3.0 framework practical application in times of COVID-19 and persistent racism: The experience of a local health department


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