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TCNJ Public Health Department presents in APHA 2021


Congratulations to all Public Health faculty and Students

who will present in American Public Health Association (APHA)

2021 annual Conference.

Date Time Presenter Co-authors Presentation title, link with co-authors
10/21/2021 11:30am-1pm Sreelekha Prakash Brenda Seals, PhD, Messaging for COVID: Addressing vaccine hesitancy in minority populations
10/21/2021 1-2:30pm Ananya Iyer Eliza Chen Evaluation of stress and academic pressure in Asian American college students: A qualitative study
10/21/2021 5:30-7pm Alessandra D’Ugo Abigail Lewis, Nathalie Von Klaveren, Theresa Soya, MPH, Brenda Seals, PHD “it’s kind of like a comfort thing at this point”: The social aspect of e-cigarettes and dependence among college students
10/21/2021 5:30-7pm Carolina Borges, PhD John Pollock, PhD, Miranda Crowley, Radhika Purandare, James Sparano, Kristine Spike Social capital or vulnerability: Which has the stronger connection with selected u.s. health outcomes?
10/22/2021 12-1:30pm Isabella Ciccone, MPH Candidate Abigail Parker, Marina de Souza, PhD, Carolina Borges, PhD Prevalence of asthma according to wildfires in California, USA: A cross-sectional secondary data study
10/22/2021 3-4:30pm Maria LaQuaglia, MPH Candidate Marina de Souza, PhD, Carolina Borges, PhD Risk of alzheimer’s disease in minority populations in the United States: An ecological exploratory study
10/25/2021 1:15-1:30pm Sylvia Twersky, PhD Samantha Bialoblocki, MPH candidate Medicaid expansion linked to covid-19 state vaccination rates
10/26/2021 10:30-10:45am Dana Murphy, MPH Candidate Impacts of the 2017 #metoo movement on sexual harassment of women at work: A pre- and post- movement analysis
10/26/2021 1-1:15pm Brenda Seals, PhD Livia Lazzaro Public health interns to the rescue: Supporting departments of health and community based organizations in COVID response
10/26/2021 1-1:15pm Alexis Marta,MSPH Brenda Seals, PhD, Carolina Borges, PhD, Kaitlin Davis Dance in the era of remote learning: COVID, physical activity and mental health
10/26/2021 2:30-3:45pm Abigail Parker, MPH Candidate Brenda Seals, PhD, Holly Heller, MSN, RN, APN Roscoe to the rescue! a health education response to college COVID
10/26/2021 2:30-3:45pm Natasha Patterson, PhD Ethan Moss, Michaela Sless The COVID-19 vaccine distribution in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York and its implications for the aging and marginalized populations
10/27/2021 10:30-10:45am Meghna Krishnamurthy Carolina Borges, PhD, Ana Cristina Viana Campos, PhD Are we getting any better? a critical analysis of selected healthy people 2020 oral health indicators, 1999-2004 and 2013-2014 USA
10/27/2021 10:45-11am Salomine Ekambi Natasha Patterson, PhD The impact of policy on black maternal mortality: Increasing knowledge and improving attitudes about douala support
10/27/2021 12:30-1:45pm Livia Lazzaro, MS, MPH Candidate Gabrielle Benyon, MPH candidate, Carolina Borges, PhD, Marina de Souza, PhD COVID-19’s impact on New Jersey psychiatric hospital admissions: A cross-sectional ecological approach
10/27/2021 2:45-3pm Ethan Moss Carolina Borges, PhD, Jessica Fleischman, MPH, Fwendolyn Krol, Jeffery Grosser, MHS Public health 3.0 framework practical application in times of COVID-19 and persistent racism: The experience of a local health department


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