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Exciting Interview Alert! Dr. Yachao Li shares insights on interpersonal and health in a recent interview with Masters in Communications

Dr. Yachao Li, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and the
Department of Public Health at The College of New Jersey, recently engaged in an illuminating
interview with Masters in Communications.

In the interview, Dr. Li shed light on his journey into the realm of interpersonal and health
communication, citing a personal passion for addressing the heteronormative biases inherent in
traditional communication theories. He emphasized the importance of inclusive research and
advocacy for marginalized communities, particularly within the LGBTQ+ population.

A central focus of Dr. Li’s research is the exploration of communication experiences unique to
sexual and gender minorities, including coming-out processes and relationship disclosure
decisions. His “Theory of Coming Out Message Production” offers valuable insights into the
factors influencing individuals’ decisions to disclose their sexual orientation.

Furthermore, Dr. Li’s research extends beyond interpersonal dynamics to examine the impact of
broader societal factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, on LGBTQ+ individuals and
communities. His findings highlight the complex intersections between external stressors,
internalized stigma, and mental health outcomes within the queer population.

As Chair of the National Communication Association Caucus on LGBTQ Concerns, Dr. Li is
dedicated to promoting inclusivity and equity within academic and professional spaces. He
advocates for queer-inclusive pedagogy, collaborative research initiatives, and community
engagement efforts aimed at translating research findings into tangible societal benefits.
Reflecting on his own academic journey, Dr. Li offers invaluable advice for aspiring scholars
interested in interpersonal and health communication. He underscores the significance of
selecting graduate programs that align with one’s research interests and provide opportunities for
interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement.

To read the full interview, please visit here: 

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