The College of New Jersey

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Possible internship placements include:

  • Departments of Health [state, county, and/or city]
  • NJ Department of Public Safety and Security: Pandemic Influenza Awareness Program
  • Local/Regional health care hospitals systems, Departments of Population Health Management
  • NJ Health Information Exchange
  • Affordable Care Organizations
  • County Office on Aging
  • Community Health Clinics
  • NJ [Healthcare] Quality Institute
  • Area corporations’ Workplace Wellness Programs
  • AmeriCORPs VISTA
  • Healthcare Associations, non-profits
  • Cancer Epidemiology Services
  • NJ State Cancer Registry
  • Cancer Education and Early Detection Program
  • Commission on Cancer Research
  • Office of Cancer Control and Prevention
  • Division of Family Health Services
  • Division of Chronic Diseases
  • Division of Communicable and Infectious Diseases
  • EMS/Emergency Preparedness
  • Environmental & Occupational Health
  • Healthy Schools Program
  • NJ Environmental Public Health Tracking Program
  • HIV, STD & TB Services
  • NJ Immunization Information System
  • Medicinal Marijuana Program
  • Minority & Multicultural Health
  • Health Hazard Evaluation
  • Public &Environmental Laboratories
  • Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health [PEOSH]
  • WIC [Women, Infants & Children]
  • NJ Medicaid Services
  • Counseling & Addiction services