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Graduate Certificate in Public Health

Certificate Program

Public Health Post-Bachelor/Post-Master
24 Credits

Program Coordinator

Dr. Carolina Borges

The Graduate Certificate in Public health is designed to serve both working professionals and students preparing for further graduate study. The certificate, which provides a broad overview of public and population health, is especially useful for school and community health nurses, other health professionals, and healthcare managers to retool their skills for the new era in healthcare delivery. In this new era, public health is often referred to as population health. The shift is from the individual to the population, requiring hospitals, healthcare systems, government agencies, and employers to work together to manage and prevent chronic disease and promote health and wellness. This shift requires an understanding of health, health risk communication, environmental factors, infectious disease prevention and management, policy changes and the collection and analysis of “big data” to determine trends in health or human behavior from large data sets – all of which are addressed in TCNJ’s graduate certificate in public health.

The program consists of five core courses which include epidemiology, public health policy, health promotion, and either health and risk communication campaigns or health, new media and culture. In addition, the student will select one course as their capstone from the following: research methods, internship, health analytics, or health informatics. Evening classes allow working adults to successfully complete the program.

Reflecting the breadth of the program, the faculty in public health are drawn from across the seven schools at TCNJ with teaching and research expertise in health communications, health informatics, health and wellness promotion, anthropology, and medical sociology. Faculty are gifted teachers who are also actively engaged in research involving determinants of health and the healthcare delivery system. Faculty serve as mentors to students and encourage original, publishable research and writing that have application in the current healthcare environment.

TCNJ offers a high-quality, comprehensive, interdisciplinary MPH graduate program.Request Info