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Registration Q&A


Question 1. I’m an undergraduate student, not in 5 yr BS-MPH program, can I take graduate level courses?


Yes. Any TCNJ undergraduate student can take up to 2 graduate level courses. (Here is the policy) You can apply it here. Once you submit it, the request will go to your advisor for approval first, then your major department chair for approval, then the MPH program coordinator for approval. Once it is approved by everyone, the form will be submitted to R&R, and R&R will enroll you in the graduate level courses. If you would like to double count the course for both undergraduate unit and graduate credit, please make sure you select “undergraduate & graduate credit” option. Usually the process took a little longer, so please make sure you leave enough unit space for your graduate level course. If you need overload, please check the question 3.

Question 2. I’m in 5 yr BS-MPH program at TCNJ, how do I register for graduate level courses.


Current 5 yr BS-MPH students can not register graduate course by yourself in Paws before your 5th year. Please meet with your 5 yr BS-MPH program advisor Dr. Alexis Mraz to apply and confirm the graduate courses you need to take. Once you confirmed with Dr. Mraz, we will process it for approval by department and MPH program, then submit it to R&R for enrollment.  Usually the enrollment take a little longer, so please make sure you leave enough unit space for your graduate level course. If you need overload, please check the question 3.

Question 3. I would like to do the overload, how do I apply for it?


A student who has over a 3.3 GPA and wishes to take more than 4.5 units courses per semester is considered an overload. If so, please fill out the request from overload request (please remember to upload your academic plan). Department Chair will review your request, then send to School Assistant Dean for approval. Program Assistant will inform you the final result.

Question 4. The PBH courses I want to enroll are full, how I can get on the waiting list?


If any PBH courses you would like to enroll are full, please fill out the survey, once there’s open seats, you will be enrolled based on the order we received the request. Completing this survey form does not guarantee enrollment in any class, first request, first enroll. Please remember, this waiting list only for the PBH courses.

Question 5. I emailed the professor teaching the course and received special permission to enroll; however, I still can not enroll by myself, what should I do?


Once you get special permission from the professor of Public Health courses, please either forward that email or ask the professor to email Public Health Program Assistant at with your name, PAWS ID, and the course you got permission to enroll. The request will be posted in 1 business day. If the course is NOT a Public Health course, you will need to email the “home” department for that course.

Question 6. I have a hold in my paws account, how do I release it.


If you have any Public Health advising holds, please talk with your advisor. Once you advisor confirms to release your hold, either your advisor will release it or email Public Health Program Assistant at with confirmed information by your advisor. Your hold will be released. Any other kind of hold, please check the related department.

Question 7. If I would like to register for COM courses, how to do it?


COM courses do the pre-registration every semester, please pay attention to the department email ( notice. We send the online survey for you to do the pre-registration end of October for Spring semester, and end of March for Fall semester.

Question 8. I am TCNJ student already, can I take courses from other college/ university, then transfer in?


It depends. You need to get approval from Department Chair and Academic Evaluator by submit the Course Authorization Form, otherwise you can not transfer the credits in. Once you fill out the form, please email to Department Program Assistant at to process the request.

Question 9. The course need department consent, How I can enroll in those courses?


Any PBH course setup for department consent(such as PBH 300, PBH 220…), Please email Public Health Program Assistant at with your name and Paws ID, we will get you in the list for those course, then enroll you in base on the available seats.

For PBH 405 capstone course, please confirm with your advisor and internship coordinator Ms. Lazzaro ( for your capstone plan, Ms. Lazzaro will enroll you in capstone when the advisor confirms.

Question 10. I would like to enroll in independent study. What is the procedure?


To apply for an independent study, please see if you qualify by consulting the Independent Study Policy first, then find a faculty advisor who will sponsor your independent study, complete the independent study enrollment form with your study proposal, and submit it to your instructor. Once your instructor approves it, your instructor should email the Public Health Program Assistant at Before you submit it to your instructor, please check your course unit load for the semester to determine if a request to overload is needed. If you need it, please check the question 4 above for how to request the overload.

Question 11. I would like to take a course in other college/university, can I transfer the credits in? What is the procedure?


Current TCNJ students can take courses in other college/university, however, students need the prior permission before take the courses to make sure the credits can be transferred into TCNJ and count towards to Public Health academic requirements. If courses for other departments, please contact related departments. Please check the NJ Transfer website to find out the course equivalencies. To apply for the permission, please fill out the course authorization form, email the filled form to the Public Health Program Assistant at Once Department Chair approved it, the request will send to R&R for approval, the student will be copied in the email.

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