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Course Tracks

The proposed program consists of the following courses and tracks. Students take the core courses, the courses required in their track selection, and three courses in electives that support their interests.


Graduate and Hybrid Classes for MPH Degree, 2 year and 4+ 1 sequences Core Health Communi-cation Track Precision Health Track Global Health Track Elec-tives
PBHG 501 Research Methods for Public Health (Hybrid with PBH 401) X
PBHG 502 Health Analytics X
PBHG 503 Health Informatics (Hybrid with PBH 403) X
PBHG 504 Environmental Health & Occupational (NEW COURSE) X
PBHG/COM 515 International Communication (Hybrid with COM 415) X X
PBHG 521 Health Systems and Policy (NEW COURSE) X
PBHG 560/COUN 560 Counseling Girls and Women X X
PBHG 540 Advanced Epidemiology (NEW COURSE) X
PBHG 551/COUN 551 Substance Abuse and Addiction: Individual, Family, and Society X X
PBHG 561/COUN 561 Counseling Boys and Men X   X
PBHG 572 Global Health (Hybrid with PBH/SOC/ANT 372) X X
PBHG 573 Public Health and Social Policy (Hybrid with PBH/SOC/ANT 373) X  X
PBHG 591 Graduate Independent Study X
PBHG 603: Health and Risk Communication Campaigns: A Social Marketing Approach (Hybrid with COM 403)  X X
PBHG 606 Grant Writing in Public Health (Hybrid with PBH 406) X
PBHG 620 Health Economics (hybrid ECO 320) X X
PBHG 652 Biostatistics for Public Health (NEW COURSE) X
PBHG 660 Global Health Communication and Social Change (Hybrid with COM 460) X X X
PBHG 665 Dental Public Health (NEW COURSE) X
PBHG 667 Public Health Genomics (NEW COURSE) X
PBHG 671 Public Health Approaches to Violence and Injury (NEW COURSE) X
PBHG 685/NURS 685 Health Promotion for Individuals, Families, and Communities X
PBHG 705 Graduate Capstone Internship (Hybrid with PBH 405) – 6 credits taken over 1 or 2 semesters X
Total Number of courses required for completing core/concentration–Total of 15 Courses). 6 5 5 5 3



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